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The first few weeks when a child is settling into an early years setting is a time of crucial importance to their later happiness in the setting. All children are individuals and while some children will adjust fairly easily to the new environment and new routines, others will take longer to feel comfortable and secure.

As parents and as early years practitioners, we can take steps to ensure that the transition into the early years setting goes as smoothly as possible. Research shows that when the settling in period is positive for the child, it can not only impact on their happiness throughout their time at the early years setting but also on how the child views future transitions.

Today we had a wonderful settling time in Royal School. Students had a lovely time playing together and had a positive start to their new environment.

We would like to inform you that we will have the First Parent´s Meeting on Thursday 15th at 18:00h in our Nursery Class.

Hope to see you there!!