Over time some kids find it difficult to know how to act around adults. They have their parents and family that they can interact with, but when they interact with an older person that they don’t know it can be awkward.

What we’ve learned or have tried to learn over the year is that it’s important for growth in life to spend time with people that are older.

It is often said that time is the greatest gift that you can give, and with that in mind we are on the lookout for individuals and couples who are able to share the gift of time with an older person in their area.

Here are elderly people in every community in the world. So it is not like you have never seen someone over the age of 70 before. These people are important members of our communities and help shape the dynamics of society. Yet when they reach a certain age or can no longer look after themselves, many are placed in nursing homes or assisted living. However, while this can take the stress off those taking care of them many lose contact with their families and are left lonely and cut off from the world outside the nursing home or assisted living complex. 

Students from BRS had such a fantastic morning in Mimos, an elderly house, very close to our School. Please check the pictures.... !!